Terms & Condition

Squeak Space is a text, image and video hosting and sharing site. All content is copyright to the original creator unless otherwise specified.
By uploading or sharing to squeak.space you grant the site a license to hold, share, edit and distribute your content for the purpose of the running of the site. Creators and copyright holders retain all rights unless otherwise specified.
Content with any material that is not suitable or legal to be viewed by those under the age of 18 by international online law and/or national law within the UK as the physical location of the site servers must be uploaded within the correct categories. Viewers must verify their age with an admin to receive access to view this content. Material that is not legal to be owned or viewed by anyone regardless of age may not be uploaded and details may be forwarded to relevant authorities as well as the content removed from the site.
The site allows for anonymity and the use of assumed names and identities, however age verification processes will in most cases require an admin being provided private, personal information. This information is not retained in any way by the site beyond the verification.

Acceptable use policies:
Content depicting any form of nudity, sexual activity or graphic violence must be rated 18+
Content depicting any form of nudity, sexual activity or graphic violence may not include anyone under the age of 18, including fictional or artistic depictions of, and including characters that are designed to appear under the age of 18.
Content showing damage, injury or violence towards either inanimate inflatable objects or living, animate people, characters or animals must be tagged and sorted by category as such. Video or photograph footage of real injury or violence to actual people is not allowed.
Content showing real people must have either their explicit permission to post, or implied permission from being taken in a public place or at an event where the possibility of recording was notified in advance.
Acceptable behaviour is to be maintained at all times. Any kind of discrimination, hate speech, harassment or similar behaviour is not allowed and may result in the removal of those involved from the site, and passing of details to relevant authorities where appropriate.
Acceptable use policies also apply to all content of user pages, article posts and the descriptions of content.